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Roof Types

Because there are so many different roof types, we work on many different types of projects. To make sure you are choosing the correct project type, please review the general scope of work for different projects below!

Unsure about which project type is right for you? Click on "Book Now" to set up a one-on-one meeting to go over your upcoming project!

Tear-off and Re-shingle

We remove all layers of roofing down to the wood. We then inspect the wood, replacing bad or damaged wood as necessary. We install synthetic underlayment, starter, and architectural shingles. We also replace all drip edge and flashings as needed. Any additional work like adding ice and water shield, double paper, etc is available upon request.


If you're on a budget, a layover is a great option. We install new underlayment and architectural shingles on top of the existing layer of shingles. New drip edge and flashings will also be added as needed.
**This is only an option if the existing roof has only one layer of shingles. If there are two or more existing layers, a tear-off will be needed.

Picture Framing

Also commonly referred to as a Comp Out. This is done in preparation for solar installation. Many types of tile are light weight and break easily when solar installers either walk on them or try to install solar mounts. We remove the tile only in the areas where solar will be installed and set it aside for future use We then check the wood, replace as needed, then install synthetic underlayment and composite shingles which the solar will be installed on. After the solar installation, we will return and fill in or picture frame the tiles around the edges of the solar panels so the system is inset in the roof.

Tile Relay

One of the most important parts of a roof is the underlayment. It is what protects the roof from leaking and keeps you dry. Oftentimes the tile on a roof will be fine, but the paper or underlayment underneath will need to be replaced. We remove all tile from the roof and set it aside, then check the wood for damage, replacing as necessary. We install a synthetic underlayment and replace the drip edge, risers, and flashings as necessary. We then re-install the original tile, replacing those that may have been broken or damaged.

**If you are planning on going solar and you chose this option, please verify that your roof tile is not light weight! If it is, picture framing may be a better option for you.

Tear-off and Re-tile

If your current tile is in great shape, a tile relay might be a more affordable option. We remove and dispose of all existing tile and other roofing layers and check for damaged wood. We replace all flashings, risers, and drip edge as necessary, install new synthetic underlayment, and new conventional weight tile (light weight tile is also available upon request). We can also convert a shingle roof to tile, or a tile roof to shingle.

**Lead time for ordering new tile is generally 2-4 weeks.

Metal Roofs

There are different types of metal roofs. One common type in SoCal is Cal-Pac sheet metal. Cal-Pac roofs look similar to tile, but they are usually on top of wood shake. If you are prepping your Cal-Pac roof for solar, your best options would be to tear off the existing roof, install new plywood, and convert to shingle, or you could opt to go with picture framing: replace only the area where solar will be installed with composite shingles, then fill in the metal tiles after solar install. 
**Standing seam metal roofs can take up to 3 months to get installed.

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